Why are you now charging for photo's and downloads?

Mainly it's to cover my operational costs.

Beyond the photography equipment that I own there are many ongoing costs that I now have to absorb. Many of these costs are now becoming significant. As a for example;

1. Cost to attend event.
2. Web site maintenance fees
3. Computer upgrades and additional hardware costs (hard drives, memory cards)
4. Software purchases and upgrades

Also, please consider that if I spend 2 hours at an event is usually takes at least another 4 hours to cull through and process the photo's and get them posted up to the web for your viewing. I only shoot raw images to allow additional exposure changes and maintain the highest possible quality during image processing.

There is also time to maintain photo gear, flush memory cards, recharge batteries etc. Some of my work is average and some of it is good consider that when you purchase a print or digital download you are only paying a small percentage of the total costs.

How do you set prices?
Generally speaking prices are set by the gallery with the rare exception that an exceptional photograph may cost more. Photographs may also change higher or lower after a season is over.

Thanks for your understanding. Please email me with any questions or comments.

Dale H Lewis

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